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Issigeac and it's market

As I pass by Palais des Eveques de Sarlat (Bishops palace) which stands at the beginning of Issigeac, I’m drawn to a halt, as I take a moment to observe and gaze at my surroundings and appreciate the rich medieval architecture which Issigeac has to offer. This walk has become a ritual for me ever since we moved to Issigeac, nevertheless, every day I still seem to be fascinated by this beautiful town. There are so many delightful streets to wander and wonder how life must have been all those centuries ago.

Issigeac as we know it was built roughly between the 13th and 16th centuries, and most of the town has remained largely untouched which gives the town its authentic and historic character.

Whilst Issigeac has an enchanting past, the town is still alive and kicking, and is the home to a range of places to have a break and immerse yourself in Issigeac’s modern culture, such as: coffee shops, bars, galleries and some wonderful restaurants all within walking distance from Le Doyenné. There are also a series of roads and passages dotted around the town which will lead you to the beautiful French countryside, where you will be surrounded by an almost endless choice of country walks making for a perfect escape for a walk, run or cycle.

Now … The main attraction of Issigeac has to be its Sunday market. A small local affair during the winter, but in the summer it takes on another dimension with tourists from all around the world and people from the Dordogne region flooding the town, with everyone looking to get involved in the act. The market nearly fills the whole town during the summer and it is really a beautiful spectacle. This has actually been confirmed with Issigeac being named the most beautiful market in the Dordogne region, and is now currently in the running to be named the most beautiful market in Aquitaine (the whole southern west region of France).

So, why don't you come to Issigeac and experience the Sunday market for yourself!

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